Add a little something extra to your hair with our hair coloring and correction services. We have a myriad of hair coloring options to pick from — all of which we’ll detail, so you know what would be the best choice for your hair. With the year winding down and 2018 fast approaching, you might be ready for a change. If you’ve been natural for 20 plus years, then take a step away from your comfort zone and try something new. If you’ve had partial highlights, then try a head full of highlights. Whatever you’re interested in trying, our highly trained stylists will be able to determine the best hairstyle for you to ring in a new year.

Our Hair Coloring And Correction Services We Offer

Here are some of the services you can take advantage of when you come to Salon Muse:

  • Glaze: This is also known as semi-permanent coloring. A hair gloss that is clear or tinted coloring and adds an extra shine to your hair to make you feel more beautiful.
  • Root Color: Eliminate those roots that are showing through your gorgeous hair color with this service. Touch up those roots with root color.
  • Single Color All Over: Are you a brunette looking to go blonde or a blonde wanting to become a redhead? This single color all over will take you to the hair color you want.
  • Face Frame Highlights: Highlight your best features with face-framing highlights. If you want to draw attention to your face, then try out this service.
  • Partial Highlights: If you want to add some color to your hair without going overboard, then partial highlights are a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Full Highlights: Try out full highlights to add some beautiful colors through your hair. This service is a great way to add some different tones to your tresses.
  • Toner: Get rid of that brassy yellow or those orange tones on bleached hair with toner. Toner is tinted purplish-blue and allows your bleached hair to be more ashy, platinum, or dusty, so you have more natural looking hair.
  • Relaxer: Are you tired of your curly hair? Try our relaxer to tame those locks and make it easier to straighten.
  • Color Correction: Did your locks not turn out the way you planned? Come to us for color correction to fix those undesirable results.
  • Conditioning Treatment: Prevent damaged hair with a conditioning treatment to eliminate breakage and split ends and help your hair be healthier.
  • Keratin Treatment: Do you want to have stick straight hair? Keratin treatment will eliminate frizz and ensure your hair is as straight as you want it to be.

About Our Hair Salon In Winter Park

Our modern hair salon is located in Winter Park, FL, and is one of the best in the area. We strive to ensure that each person who leaves our salon is ecstatic with the changes in their hairstyle. Whether you’re coming in for a haircut, coloring, or just to get your nails done, our experienced stylists will make sure you’re not only happy with the results, but you feel exceptional with your choice. Coloring your hair can be a big deal if you’ve never done it before, which is why we’ll make sure that you’re comfortable with this big change. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’ve had your hair colored for a long time, our stylists will make sure to ask you the appropriate questions to ensure your hair stays healthy and vital. Make an appointment today!