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Have you been looking for a way to deal with frizzy strands or stubborn curls? Keratin treatments may be the answer! These treatments can help you achieve the look you’ve been searching for, and the stylists at Salon Muse are here to make your dreams a reality. Read on to learn more about keratin treatments, and contact us today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

What Are Keratin Treatments?

Keratin treatments involve a chemical process used to smooth frizzy, curly hair. Also called a Brazilian blowout, this treatment injects your hair with keratin proteins to make it smoother and straightens your hair texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply this process to color-treated hair?

Yes! Keratin treatments can be used on dyed hair. There is a chance you may experience a slight lightening or shift in color, but such effects are rare.

Do keratin treatments involve dangerous chemicals?

The chemical most often talked about in reference to keratin treatments is formaldehyde. The treatment itself does not contain formaldehyde, which is considered a carcinogen, but often the substances used during treatment release formaldehyde when exposed to heat. If you have concerns, talk to your stylist to learn more about the ingredients used in your specific treatment.

Are keratin treatments safe?

When applied by professionals in a well-ventilated salon, keratin treatments are considered safe. We recommend you don’t get this treatment more than three times a year to keep risks to a minimum, and we do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women. If you follow our advice, you can safely enjoy smooth, gorgeous hair!

The Process

Each keratin treatment is adjusted and customized to match your hair needs, so the formula used, the process, and the price can change from person to person. In most cases, you’ll need to set aside several hours for your treatment. Your stylist will first wash your hair and then apply the keratin formula, letting it sit around 20 to 30 minutes to fully saturate your strands. Your appointment will likely end with a blow dryer and flat iron to straighten your hair and seal in the treatment.

The Results

The results of keratin treatments can be dramatic! While this treatment is temporary, many clients enjoy flat-iron straight hair for several months. Your look can last up to six months with proper care! It will eventually wash out, however, as it is not a permanent solution to curls or frizz.

How to Make It Last

How do you preserve the look of your Brazilian blowout? First, handle your hair with care for a few days after your treatment. Don’t pull it back or wash it for a few days to give the protein formula time to settle in.

When you do step into the shower, we recommend rinsing your hair with water and applying conditioner – without shampoo – as an alternative to a full wash day as often as you can. Try to avoid shampooing your hair more than once or twice a week, and use sulfate-free products to protect the effects of your keratin treatment. Styling with substances like a texturing salt spray can also ruin the effects.

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